How can I use Goals?

There are limitless ways to use Goals. We give you some examples oт how you can begin to work with FinancialGoals in CoinKeeper.

  1. Save up for the things you love and always wanted to have! For instance, iPhone 5se or concert of a beloved band can be your goal for the March.
  2. Financial Goals will help you plan compulsory expenses for the current period. For example, you can put by money for the appartment rent. This way you can accumulate them in your Goals and be sure you won’t be in debt at the end of the period.
  3. Create a goal for the huge planned expense, e.g. holiday trip or car insurance.
  4. If you always save up money, but don’t record them you can start to track your savings in CoinKeeper. Rainy day account can also be treated as an Goal.
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