How to use SMS recognition feature?

SMS recognition lets you spend less time distributing operations from your bank card. Usually, if you are making a purchase or just simply cashing out using your card, you get an SMS confirming the transaction from your bank afterwards. CoinKeeper takes information about sum, date and place of purchase and lets you distribute money you spent into desired expense categories or wallets.

This option is  only available for Android users. Unfortunately, SMS access on iPhones and iPads is restricted by Apple.

SMS recognition was drastically improved through updates and is finally available in Portugal&Spain!

Now you can:

  • Add several bank cards to one account;
  • Check where and when the purchase was made looking through SMS in-app;
  • Split the sum into several operations, if you are paying for purchases from different categories.

How to configure SMS recognition?

  1. Tap “three stripes” icon on the upper-left corner of the main screen
  2. Tap “Settings”
  3. Scroll down and tap “Bank SMSs”
  4. Press yellow “+” icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen
  5. Then choose the account, that you want your card to be linked to. Chosen account will be coloured grey in the list.
  6. Choose SMS from your Bank from the list.
  7. Highlight card number with all the neighboring symbols., Iif there’s none of them, then highlight the number with spaces on both ends.

If you’re struggling getting the number highlighted, or chosen number can’t be saved, then just tap “pencil” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and enter card number as it appears in SMS

  1. Tap “check” icon in the upper-right corner to link the card.
  2. If you get error message, then tap “cancel” icon and try to redo steps 6 to 8
  3. You will get a notification from CoinKeeper suggesting you to enter the operation as soon as you get a new SMS from your Bank!

How to edit Card info

You can easily edit Card information or re-link it to another Account. You just have to:

  1. Enter “Bank SMSs” in the Settings menu.
  2. Here you can see information on account, bank and linked card numbers. Just tap field you would like to change, and do so

How to split SMS into several operations

Of course, if you are buying several things from different categories at the same time, you get only one SMS from the Bank. But that is not a problem, you can always split it into desired number of operations. To do so you have to:

  1. Pull SMS coin to needed category and simply enter the sum you spent on it
  2. If it is not the whole sum indicated in SMS, leftover money will remain in SMS panel on the main screen, so you can pull it into desired category again

How to use “Distribute SMS” tool

“Distribute SMS” lets you distribute card expenses, when it is convenient for you.

If you haven’t written down expenses from SMS right away and pressed “Back” button, then you can always get back to it by choosing relevant category in Menu.

If you press “Distribute SMS” and nothing happens (no SMS coins appear on main screen), then most possibly you have configured SMS recognition just recently and haven’t receivedrecieved any new SMS.

Full information from your SMS

Before distributing SMS, you can check again what purchase did you make, where and when did you make it, without closing the app. To do that jJust hold you finger on SMS coin for some time and then you will see the text from you Bank’s SMS.

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    Alexаnder X

    Didn't worked for me. I configured that, received several SMS and nothing happened.

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    didn´t work, i don´t get the amounts on the app, also i have platinum version and i can´t see the money of my bank accounts even if i syncronize and it says it got several operations received (but where??)... please help


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