How to buy a CoinKeeper subscription?

You can buy CoinKeeper subscription on our website. Traditionally, the price for subscription is cheaper on CoinKeeper website than in the mobile app.

Take the following steps to buy CoinKeeper subscription:

1) Go to

2) Choose the rate that's good for you and click "I want..."

3) You'll be transferred to the checkout page:

Input your card and email details. Uniteller payment system uses this email to send you the details of the transaction (such as: date, order number and many other useful information).

4) After the payment you'll be transferred to the registration form page.

⚠️ Please note, that you really must register a new profile or log in the CoinKeeper website, otherwise this new subscription will be lost. 😢

а. If you're new to Coinkeeper, please input login and password you want to link to your CoinKeeper account and click "Register now".

b. If you're already a Coinkeeper user, click on "Log In" button the registration form and go to your account.

7. Yay! Now you've got CoinKeeper subscription.

If anything goes wrong please don't hesitate to contact us on  

We'll fix those problems. 😉

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