Adding an expense

Open the operation adding section.

Then enter the following:

  • account that has been charged for this expense;
  • the category that you want to relate your expense to;
  • the amount of the expense;
  • the date.

For best expenses detalization you can put tags on each operation and make comments.

Press Shift+3 to put a tag (you don't have to switch the keyboard layout, you'll get the sign "#" anyway).

After adding a tag you can make a comment on the expense.

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  • 1
    Rodrigo Schmidt Nurmberg

    How I add a recurring expense?

  • 0
    Xizor13 Social

    allowing for recurring expenses would be most helpfull

  • 0
    Ilyas Kereibayev

    How to add expenses through ios app? or we can add expenses only in web?

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