How to add, edit and delete tags?

Tags allow label you purchases in different expense categories. They detail your expenses, let you additional information about them. There are a lot of ways, how to use tags.  For example, you can use "Business trip" tag at "Food" and "Transport". Tags help you to track your expenses in a better way and also provide you with more statistics. You can also use tags in income accounts.

How to add a tag?

Adding tags is easy. All you need is to use the line below the calculator:

  • Let’s assume, that you have Credit Card account and Groceries expense category;
  • Drag the coin from Credit Card to Groceries;
  • Tap Plus icon in the top of the calculator;
  • Type name of the tag in the field in the top of the screen and than tap green plus icon. Your tag is added to the tags list;
  • Tap the tag you want to add to the transaction and it appears in the row below the calsulator;
  • Enter the amount and select transaction date;
  • Now when you look into statistics diagram you can expand Groceries category and see a detailed statistics on each tag.

You can add as many tags for one operation as you need to.

How to delete or edit tags?

You can edit tag if you added it by mistake. To do this tap Edit in the upper right corner of the tags list and tap tag you want to edit. When the cursor appear in the tag row, you can change it. If you tap minus, that appears on the left side of the tags list, you would delete the tag. When you delete the tag, you erase it from every transaction. It won’t be displayed in Statistics and History either.



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    Gerry Berry

    Hello Disrap,


    I am new to CoinKeeper and I quite like it however your Tag editing does not work as per your instructions!  Where do you go to edit Tags? DO I have to fake adding an expense then add new tag to go to teh tag page?  If so I do not see an edit button as per your help instructions "To do this tap Edit in the upper right corner of the tags list and tap tag you want to edit."

    I have an unlimited account, do I need to update the app?

    Thank you in adavnce


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