Shared or family budget

CoinKeeper allows you to easily manage shared or family budget with the cloud sync. All your data and transactions are uploaded to our server and sync to other devices. You can manage shared budget on iPhone and iPad, iPhone and Andoid or any number of different devices.

You have to get premium subscription to use shared budget. If you don’t have it, tap Premium in the side menu and choose a suitable subscription plan for you.

Then you’ll be asked to create CoinKeeper account: enter your email and password. App will sync data with the cloud!
After that download CoinKeeper app on other devices and login with your account. You can tap I’m CoinKeeper user with first app start or select login from the side menu.

When you activate CoinKeeper account on other devices, after you enter login&password you are asked what to do with the CoinKeeper’s data that is already on this device.

Delete local data. Local data on this device is deleted and cloud data from the server is used stead. Select this option if there’s no valuable data on this device already.
Merge with local data. Local data on this device is saved and merged with the cloud data from the server. Select this option if you or somebody already started managing finance with CoinKeeper on this very device.

That’s all! Now you’re ready to use shared CoinKeeper account on any number of devices for family budgeting.

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