Subscription cost and why to buy it?

You can use CoinKeeper for free with unlimited number of transactions, however you can buy premium-subscription to get advanced features:

  • Cloud sync between any devices: iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Unlimited number of income sources and expense categories
  • Advanced statistics
  • Debts

4 years ago we launched a paid version of CoinKeeper app, which soon became very popular in Eastern Europe.
Alas, not everyone could afford to buy it, so in summer 2014 we launched updated CoinKeeper with new design and features. Now you can get CoinKeeper for free and enjoy its features.

True, our prices for premium-subscription could be higher than some others’. It allows us to constantly improve our services, launching regular updates with new beneficial features. We support CoinKeeper for iPad, iPhone and Android and are planning to release in 2017 a web-version of CoinKeeper.

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