Statistics in CoinKeeper

CoinKeeper’s got three type of reports for your transactions. All of them can be found in the left side-menu.

1) Daily bill
It shows your incomes or expenses day-by-day. On this screen you can find data on the last day, swipe to the left to find data on previous days with transactions.
Each daily bill consists of:

  • Data
  • Balance at the end of the day
  • Incomes and expenses amount for this day: total, on each income source, category and sub-category

In top-right corner you can find Daily bill graph or cash-flow. It shows how you accounts’ balance has been changing over the course of time. (Of course it shows data only for those accounts you have enabled ‘Include in total balance’ for)

2) Statistics
It shows diagram for you incomes and expenses distribution over the categories and sub-categories for the last budgeting period. You can tap on interested category and see all the data for corresponding sub-category.

If you’ve got a premium-subscription you can use the Filter in the top-right corner and select custom date range for the report(for example a week or a year). Also you can select which particular accounts should be included into the statistics. If there’re no suitable transactions in the account it would be shown in gray.

3) Expenses History
In this report you can find a month or other budgeting period dynamics for your total income. Or instead of total, it could be custom income source, expense categories or sub-categories.

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